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Welcome Frynds:

Skynnyn Lynnyrd began to take form at the very moment of the tragic crash that ended the lives of Ronnie VanZant, Steve and Cassie Gaines as well as Dean Kilpatrick. An American saga ended on that day in 1977, knocking fans to their knees and leaving a void that begs to be filled by millions of fans the world over.

It's about the music... real, honest and often edgy. Skynnyn Lynnyrd has stripped the music of the legendary band down to its finest detail and re-assembled it...not as a cover but as it was intended. Every nuance and detail is pursued with passion and determination... performed as if by the 1977 pre-crash band.

Skynnyn Lynnyrd is the "Reloaded" Lynyrd Skynyrd. The parity is if guided by the spirit of the original band members who departed long ago. While there will never be another Lynyrd Skynyrd, Skynnyn Lynnyrd is Lynyrd Skynyrd - - - RELOADED. Check it out y'all!

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