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Skynnyn Lynnyrd is the premier  tribute band to the late great Lynyrd Skynyrd that you've been looking for.  Skynnyn Lynnyrd has  been providing the amazing hits of Lynyrd Skynyrd for Casinos, Wineries, Breweries and Festivals for 20 years. This phenomenal band is available for all types of social functions all over. Skynnyn Lynnyrd is made of up of highly skilled players and singers. You will be very pleased once you hear the level of great musicianship that this band has to offer. The energy level goes well above and beyond. Skynnyn Lynnyrd has played national with legends Foghat, Dave Mason, 38 Special, WAR, Joe Bonnamassa, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Vince Neil, Pat Travers and so many more.  As fans from all over will attest, Skynnyn Lynnyrd will ignite your stage and bring back the authentic swamp music sound that die hard fans will eagerly  gather, to fill your venue turnout aspirations.

Thank you, Joe Mann, for this great revieW:

Ok yell it out. At a Skynnyn Lynnyrd concert it is not only ok, but damn well expected! 

On a super-hot summer night, the kind that only that the Central Valley can deliver, Swabbies on the River was transformed into a Southern rock haven as Skynnyn Lynnyrd took the stage. The heat was intense, but it didn't deter the devoted fans who packed the riverside venue, eager for a taste of classic Lynyrd Skynyrd. Larry Woodruff delivered with classics such as "Sweet Home Alabama" to the final echoes of "Free Bird," the band played with the kind of raw energy and authenticity that would have made the original lineup proud. The audience sung along and danced with the band despite the heat! To me this shows the power of a band and music to get people up and moving despite the heat! Skynnyn Lynnyrd didn't miss a beat, their passion and professionalism cutting through the heat like a hot knife through butter. 

Swabbies went to great lengths and pulled out all the stops to ensure the night was unforgettable, despite the soaring temperatures. Large fans and misters were placed around the venue, creating a cool oasis amidst the heatwave. The staff hustled to keep everyone hydrated and comfortable, serving up cold drinks and mouthwatering fare that kept spirits high. Mixed with a great venue, an amazing band, rockin’ staff it was an amazing event. The crowd, a mix of die-hard Southern rock enthusiasts and casual music lovers, soaked up the good vibes, their enthusiasm undamped by the weather. It was a testament to both the venue's dedication and the band's magnetic performance that the energy never waned. 

As Skynnyn Lynnyrd ripped through classics like "Simple Man" and "Gimme Three Steps," it was clear that this tribute band had captured more than just the sound of Lynyrd Skynyrd—they had captured their soul. To note, they opened with an amazing solo by the lead guitar player that was beyond anything I have ever witnessed before. They opened brilliantly. The blistering guitar solos, the gritty vocals, and the tight rhythm section all combined to create a powerful homage that resonated deeply with the crowd. By the end of the night, as the band took their final bow to thunderous applause, it was evident that both Swabbies and Skynnyn Lynnyrd had turned a hot, challenging night into an unforgettable celebration of music and community. 


Skynnyn Lynnyrd Backline

Qty Discription
1 Condnser Microphones – Drum Overhead – Cymbals
1 Condenser Microphone – Hi-Hat
1 Kick Drum Microphone - AKG D112
1 Snare Drum Microphone
3 Tom-Tom Microphones
3 Instrument Microphones – Guitars – Shure M-57 or Equivalent
5 Vocal Microphones – Shure M-58 or Equivalent
2 Direct Input (DIs) – Keyboards - Unbalanced TRS to Balanced XLR
19 Mixer Channels - 21 Minimum with 4 Aux sends; 24 preferred
4 Wedge Monitors – 4 - Stage left, center, right + 1 Drums
2 Reverse X (Side) Fills – Large Stage - L mix of Rt, Rt mix of L
Active crossover Mains required. Consumer grade systems are not acceptable.

31 Band Equalization is required for indoor venue Mains.
Power requirements are dependent upon size of venue.

No FOH effects required.

Pro Sound System available upon reqest.

Inputs 25 Channel / 12 AUX 




































 +75 Hz + 2.5 KHz +COMP 





 TOM 1 



 TOM 2 



 TOM 3 



 TOM 4 



 TOM 5 




 -> 150 Hz 



 -> 150 Hz 






 -> 150 Hz 
















 AUX 1 



 AUX 2 



 AUX 3 



 AUX 4 



 AUX 5 



 AUX 6 



 AUX 7 



 AUX 8 



 AUX 9 



 AUX 10 

 VOCALS (3)  BkUp 


 AUX 11 



 AUX 12 


 CHORUS or other